Online Casinos in Singapore

19 Mar

There are a number of online casinos available in Singapore offering you the very best online casino games. However, online gambling in Singapore itself is completely illegal, with strict legal punishments for anybody who gets caught. This makes navigating around top online casinos very hard indeed. If you are looking for an online casino game to play here in Singapore, then there are just a few good choices.

One of the most popular online casinos in Singapore, our number one choice is Wclub888. They offer a variety of poker games and some of them are even free, like the "pool" game which you can play. Their payment options are usually through PayPal or Credit Cards. If you don't like the payment options, they also have another option that is deposited into your bank account.

Another top choice is the Silver Sands Casino Hotel. These online casinos are free to play, and the graphics on the site look like casino games played out in Las Vegas. Their bonus structure is also very nice. They don't have the bonus structure as the one from the "big names" but the bonuses they do offer, like big jackpots, really add up! Their payment options are usually through PayPal or credit cards. They also have a separate section where they allow you to play the slots.

The last choice is the Big Shot Casino Hotel and Casino. This is actually one of the smaller online casinos in Singapore, it is only aimed at new players. Like the Hfive5, they offer a variety of different casino games including Slots, Roulette, and Baccarat. They do not offer any bonuses, but the loyalty program they have in place is worth mentioning. Players get a ten percent bonus for each dollar they play with them. This loyalty program lasts for a year, so it's definitely worth signing up for.

While there is no physical casino gambling in Singapore, many of the online gambling sites do offer card and table games for gambling. They also offer casino online gaming, and they allow you to make wagers online, just like you would at an actual casino. There are even some sites that offer online casino gaming with live dealers that will sit right beside the players in the gambling room. These live dealers give all the excitement and fun of the online casino world!

Overall, online gambling houses in Singapore offer a great service to the local residents. These gambling houses cater to everyone's needs from gamers who want to gamble lightly, to those who want to try their luck at the biggest names in the industry. There are even a select few local gambling houses that allow players to practice their blackjack skills free of charge. It doesn't matter if you are a novice gamer looking to hone your skills against other online players, or a casino veteran looking to brush up on your skills, there is a site for you at an online gambling house.